cyanotype cards of pieces of a stained glass window, in blue.
cyanotype cards of inside of church and items in the church.

St Mary's: Piece by Piece

A project completed in early 2019, St Mary's: Piece by Piece is a project that explored the importance and meaning of a place rooted in history.

St Mary's church in Sunderland has been around for over a century.  built in the 1800s  by Philip Kearney to create a sense of community for increasing number of Catholics - mostly down to Irish migrant workers- the church continues to be a place of inclusive community. A place for people to congregate and feel safe the project intends to celebrate the building and it's history, a reminder of just how incredible the places so many of us spend our day to day truly are.

This piece consisted of a set of 8 A6 cyanotype images printed onto card the backs of which fitted together to show one of the stained glass windows in the building while the fronts of the cards showed varying parts of the building itself, pulling out small details that could be overlooked over time.

Kiera Flynn Photography