Central Arcade

Built in 1906, the Central Arcade is one of many architectural links to the past that is present in the centre of Newcastle. As originally part of the Central Exchange, this Georgian building has existed throughout varying incarnations, from a newsroom to an art gallery and later rebuilt to create a short cut from one street to another, in order to remain relevant in the constantly changing city.

This project highlights the way that the past can meld incredibly well with the modern day in the way that the traditional designs of the building have been picked out and sit alongside contemporary signs for the shops now residing inside the arcade.

Allowing for the contrast between delicate wall carvings to brightly printed modern signs the prints emphasise the beauty in sometimes overlooked details in the arcade and show how the two differing styles can coexist to create a unique and functional shopping arcade unlike anything else in the town.

By using historical printing methods this piece mirrors the idea of bringing history back to life in a similar way to the arcade itself.  Although no longer such a bustling shopping centre, still being able to visit and experience such a historical building in a similar way to people from the era lends a realism that can’t be found through reading about the place or that could be photographed using solely digital means.

Directing attention to this gives this magnificent building the chance to once again be more than simple a cut though to another street or the tourist attraction seen by some as a relic of the past.

The interior of the Central Arcade, Newcastle
Sepia toned historical style print of JG Windows shop front in the Central Arcade
Sepia toned view through the Central Arcade, Newcastle, from the entrance.
Sepia toned carving in the Central arcade detailing the year 1906
Sepia toned reflection of JG Windows in a shop window, Newcastle.
sepia toned long exposure view inside the central arcade, newcastle
sepia toned small print card, floral carving from wall in central arcade newcastle
sepia toned shop window reading John Hamilton Boot Maker Ladies Fitting Room

Kiera Flynn Photography